Rocksteady Releases another Arkham Knight Trailer - Gotham is Mine

Check out the trailer

Check out the trailer first. It's awesome!

Some interesting things to note in the trailer

This is the first trailer is really gives us a good hard look at the faces of all of the major villains in the game, including Harley, Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face, Firefly, Poison Ivy and of course, The Scarecrow. Interestingly, we don't get to see much of the Arkham Knight himself, except for just a glimpse when he was standing behind Scarecrow.. Judging by the clothes and the lack of snowfall or ice in the city, it is safe to say it's not winter (unlike the previous two Arkham Games). We get a new look for almost all the major villains, especially Posion Ivy. With Harley, it seems Rocksteady has changed the face a bit - her face in Arkham Knight definitely seems slightly different than Arkham City.

This trailer shows how much detail has gone into creating the world, and it's pretty obvious at this point how much work has gone into making this city come alive. Fans should look forward to some amazingly detailed easter eggs, and of course, great graphics, as we can tell from the trailer. Even this trailer has an easter egg.

These two codes were added in a single frame, which unlocks the "persons of interest" section at the game's official site. There is another secret code added in the end when Scarecrow's face was showing. The trailer shows how the game has added a bunch of nice homages to various characters not just in the Batman world, but in the DC universe in general. For an absolutely great analysis of the trailer, watch this one below.