About this site

This site is a tribute to my favorite superhero and the universe he lives in. It's my hope that that this site will provide good information about Batman to others, and that they will also enjoy and cherish Batman.

This site is small right now, but I'm quickly adding more and more articles about my favorite comics and graphic novels, as well as character profiles about various characters in the Batman universe, as well as the latest news and reviews from gaming, film and TV. Apart from all this, I'll be taking my time and adding articles on many of the great artists behind our Batman stories. There is also a section where we'll feature the most interesting batman merchandise available on the internet.

If you're new to Batman, I hope this site can help you become a bigger fan. If you're already a big fan, then I hope this site will serve to further appreciate this truly iconic character and its stories.


You can contact the site admins by writing to contact@fansofbatman.com and we'll try to get back to you soon!