Gotham Season One: A look back at the Best Scenes

The TV series Gotham just concluded it's first season. It is been quite a divisive series, with some people not liking it, and some others absolutely loving it. I, for one, absolutely loved it. It had its its ups and downs. Overall, I think the writers and producers tried a lot of things and were seeing which things were working or not.

Having said that, there were a lot of things which have been great about the series so far. The casting has been spot-on. A special stand-out is Robin Lord Taylor as the penguin. His portrayal of the penguin has been the freshest take on the character on a long time, in any medium. His performance has been one of the best things about the show.

The Penguin

The above scene is from the pilot, where you already get a glimpse of his great performance. The Penguin, even in the 1992 movie was never really presented as a creature invoking a sense of pathos or sympathy. Here, the actor manages to do exactly that, and gives an heir of vulnerability to him, which makes the audience root for him even though he's a bad guy.

Gordon clearly sees him as a criminal, but the interesting thing is that Oswald genuinely sees Gordon as a friend.

One of his best scenes are with Maroni. The best one IMO is the secret game.

Alfred and Bruce

Sean Pertwee and David Mazouz play Alfred PennyWorth and Bruce Wayne respectively. The take on Alfred was quite interesting. Initially he had a few problems with handling Bruce, but later formed a deep bond with the boy and both grow to know, love and respect each other.

This is one of the best scenes in the series, in which we get the first glimpse of Bruce Wayne standing up for himself and actually physically fighting someone (in this case Tommy Elliot who is later supposed to become the villain known as Hush).

There are also small scenes in between showing their bond deepening.

The Scarecrow

The way they created the back story of the Scarecrow - one of Batman's most interesting and iconic villains was spectacular.

Jerome: A possible Joker

The had small references to the Joker in various episodes, but the biggest was a possible Joker in the form of a buy named Jerome. The actor who played him also did a great job.

Reveal of the Cave

The final scene of the first season where they reveal the cave (which would later become the Bat-Cave) was so well done. Check it out yourself.

The show does have its room for improvement, which I'm sure they will in the next season, but they have also done a lot of things right and has made for some awesome moments in the process. Here's looking forward to the next season!