Rocksteady Releases Gameplay Trailer of Arkham Knight - Officer Down

Check out the trailer

Some interesting things to note in the trailer

This trailer gives a good look into the fighting mechanics for Batman. Amongst the new additions, it seems there will be a new move to disarm the enemy and use his weapon against him. In the trailer we can see Batman do exactly that, and beat down enemies with a stick (or a basebal bat?) by disarming one of the thugs. There also seems to be thugs who will charge at you, and it also shows a move where you could instantly knock out one of those thugs. Overall, the fighting seems much more kicass, retaining the feel and familiarity of the previous Arkham Games, all the while having a couple of neat additions.

We also get to finally see the Batmobile in action, and the mechanics of how Batman calls it, and drives in it. It seems pretty fun, and I look forward to seeing how they make the batmobile even more integrated into the gameplay and story. Watch the video below for an extensive analysis of the trailer.