Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic Con Trailer!

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic Con Trailer has landed

We knew this year's Comic-Con would have some heavy hitting to generate hype for the movie next year, and boy, have they delivered! Take a look at the trailer they made for the upcoming movie, its amazing. Every batman, superman or even Wonder Woman fan would be hyped beyond measure!

It's interesting to note that Superman does not speak one line during this trailer (Clark Kent does though). All the speaking is done to him or about him. Ben Affleck seems amazing as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. The scene where he runs into the dust cloud, when everyone else is running away from it is something totally true to character.

Another interesting thing to note is that it seems during the fight between Zod and Superman, Bruce was there at Metropolis and saw the destruction first hand. This, to my mind, makes the senseless destruction in Man of Steel a bit more palatable now that it has real effects and consequences in this movie. The costumes for all three heroes look great. If you look closely, you will find that you can also see Robin's costume (presumably Jason Todd's costume who is suppsed to be dead now) as the defaced one at the 02:00 minute mark.

We also get a first look at Jeremy Irons playing Alfred. The age difference between Bruce and Alfred seems a bit less than other movies, but I think it works. Irons is a fine actor, and apart from all the other characters, I am also excited to see how he plays Alfred.

All aboard the hype train!